I have had the privilege of photographing families and couples for over a decade. It is my gift to others, and it gives me pure joy to capture such timeless moments for my clients. 

My husband and I fell in love at first sight after meeting at The Brooks Institute of Photography. It was through falling in love with him that my childhood dream of being a photographer turned its lens toward love, and I began photographing weddings in 2011. 

I am a passionate mother and wife, which translates into the way I photograph and work with my clients. The position of being a wife and mother is one to be honored, treasured, and captured forever.

I create romantic and timeless images that memorialize your
once-in-a-lifetime moments 

Behind the Camera


My work is shaped by love.
By a love of beauty, the natural world, and a deep passion for the wonder of marriage & motherhood. 
After over a decade of marriage and 4 young children in tow, I know more than ever how fleeting and precious our time together is.

My ____ is to capture you in the beauty of your now. The way he looks at you, the way you grandmother zips you into your wedding dress, the way your sweet baby holds onto your fingers. 

  A photographer from the beginning. I picked up a camera at 14 years-old and began my life long love of creating beauty. 
Chasing my dream of becoming a photographer, I attended the ___Brooks Insitute of Photography where i recieved my formal training. 

I create romantic and timeless images that memorialize your once-in-a-lifetime moments 

Behind the Camera


Everywhere I go, I hear, "you have your hands full!" Yep, hands full, hearts full!
Children are such a blessing. 

Mother of four


I'm the bread-baking, cow-milking, hand-knitting, home-canning type.
If it was done on a homestead 100 years ago, I probably do it for fun. 

Old lady hobbies


Sure sure, I know I married the South African version of Chris Hemsworth, so it's easy...
But a connected and joyful marriage is at the core of my values. 

My husband's biggest fan



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Because friend, life is short, and love is sacred. Over a decade into marriage and babies, I know more than ever the value of capturing raw, beautiful memories. Time goes, you know? Grandparents age and babies grow up. This season of life you are in as an engaged couple or family is fleeting. But when you have real, genuine, unposed photos of how he looks at you, how your grandmama zipped up your wedding dress, and little hands wrapped around your fingers, those memories deserve to be captured and cherished forever.

It’s priceless. 

I’ve been in this business long enough to come back years later and photograph my couples in their next season of babies and families, to walk alongside them over a decade of change, and to see my photos hanging on their walls. To be a part of their legacy and capture their memories is an honor I don’t take lightly.

My Why:


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When I was 19, sitting in class at Photography school, a handsome young South African walked into the room, and I heard God’s voice clear as day: THAT is your husband. Well, God was right (who’d have thunk?) And I married that hunky safari guide (yes, he really was a safari guide) with an irresistible South African accent eight months later. 

I’m pretty sure everyone thought we were mad for jumping in so quickly, but WE KNEW. 
Over a decade of marriage later, we still believe it was the best decision we ever made. 

We’ve since made 4 ADORABLE little barefoot blonde hair blue eyed babies. Being their mama is a constant reminder of what is truly important, how fast this life goes, and how important it is to slow down, enjoy it, and take TONS OF PHOTOS. 


Faith + Family 

What matters most

Homemaking and Hospitality


Country girl, through and through

City or country

Buying baby farm animals...

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Cooking for people

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